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It’s no secret I love email marketing. You can often hear me tell my clients “Send an email, make some money.” It’s so catchy, sometimes I even sing it. Honestly, email is the #1 revenue stream for most of my clients.

There’s a lot of emails that need attention, but the most underrated email that holds a lot of power is the order confirmation email. It can break or make your whole customer experience. Think of it this way: you’re shopping a new favorite brand you’ve been stalking on Instagram. You signed up for their email list and received a beautiful 20% off promo email. You checked the reviews, narrowed your perfect pick, and finally placed your order. Hooray! Then, you get a… basic order confirmation. What happened to that brand you fell in love with? Do they know this is what their order confirmation email looks like?

News flash: It’s the most opened email you’ll ever send.

Now, the brands that do it right, use this powerful broadcast to further the shopping experience with features that build excitement and reassure they made an excellent buying decision. Brand loyalty and retention is the king of all successful brands, so this is a great opportunity to pull them closer. Good ideas to achieve that include directing them to the blog, a resource, rewards program, or affiliate or referral program. Plus, remember, it costs less to retain a customer than gain a new one. All roads lead back to giving proper attention to your order confirmation email. And, it’s easier than you think.

Here’s an example of a quick before and after.

Before we dive into the specifics of order confirmation emails, here’s a quick tutorial on how you can craft your own branded email confirmation email in a simple and free way, no coding necessary.

What to Include in Your Order Confirmation Email

Including important order information such as item descriptions, prices, and estimated delivery dates helps build trust- customers appreciate clarity, but it’s not just a receipt; it’s an opportunity to engage your customers, and reinforce your brand. Here are the key pieces that make up a stellar order confirmation email:

  • Clear Subject Line: The subject line should be concise and informative, letting the recipient know that this is their order confirmation. I love a clear and simple subject line: “Your Order Confirmation for [Order Number].”
  • Warm Greeting: Start with a friendly greeting, addressing the customer by their name. A personalized touch can make the email feel more welcoming.
  • Order Details: Provide a clear and comprehensive summary of the customer’s order, including:
    • Order number
    • Date and time of the order
    • Billing and shipping addresses
    • Itemized list of products, including names, quantities, prices, and any applicable discounts or promotions
    • Total order cost (including tax and shipping fees)
  • Delivery Information: Include estimated delivery dates and any relevant tracking information if available. Customers appreciate knowing when to expect their purchase.
  • Payment Details: Confirm the payment method used for the order and provide a breakdown of charges. This reinforces transparency and trust.
  • Branding Elements:
    • Company Logo: Display your brand logo prominently to reinforce brand identity.
    • Color Scheme: Use your brand’s color palette to create a visually appealing email.
    • Typography: Consistent typography reinforces brand consistency.
  • Engaging Content:
    • Thank-You Message: Express gratitude for the customer’s order. Make it sincere and heartfelt.
    • Personalization: If possible, recommend related products based on the customer’s purchase history or preferences.
    • Customer Support Information: Include contact details for customer support, should the customer have any questions or concerns.
  • Social Media Links: Encourage customers to connect with your brand on social media by including links to your profiles. Adding photos works great here too.
  • Customer Reviews: Showcase positive reviews from other customers to build trust and encourage future purchases.
  • Social Proof: Include icons or badges showcasing secure payment options and any certifications or awards your company has received.
  • Return and Refund Policy: Summarize your return and refund policy to reassure customers that you’re committed to their satisfaction. If it’s lengthy, stick with a clear link back to your website to read the full policy.
  • Call-to-Action (CTA): Include a clear CTA button that directs customers to their account page for order tracking or to continue shopping on your website.

Remember that the tone and style of your order confirmation email should align with your brand’s identity and values. Consistency in branding and exceptional customer service can turn a routine confirmation email into a memorable and valuable customer touchpoint.


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