Pinterest Rules of Success: How to 10x Your Ecommerce Website Traffic Without Creating More Content

Pinterest may be grouped into the ‘social media’ family, but there’s some very big and very important distinctions that make this platform a major opportunity to drive website traffic and sales for ecommerce websites.

Consider the Facts: 

  • 498 million monthly active users
  • 10x more likely to make a purchase from an ecommerce site than on any other social media platform
  • 67% of Pinners reference Pinterest on their mobile devices while shopping in retail stores
  • 87% of Pinners have made a purchase because of Pinterest 
  • 93% of Pinners have used it to plan a future purchase

Another big advantage is that Pinterest is not so intent on using a pin’s number of likes to show or hide it to your fans. Instead, it’s driven by user search and relevancy. Your strategy and behavior may be easier to grasp if you consider Pinterest more of a search engine like Google… or better, a visual search engine meets mood board paradise. People browse for inspiration, plan projects, and discover new products – all through eye-catching images. And guess what? That can be your gateway to serious website traffic.

pinterest traffic report
My own website traffic report showing Pinterest responsible for 55% of all traffic

By implementing some strategic Pinterest optimization, you can tap into a whole new audience without creating fresh content. Let’s break it down with some actionable steps.

7 Rules of Pinterest for Ecommerce

Rule #1: Quality over Quantity 

It’s not a race to pin everything under the sun. Remember, the lifespan of a pin is about four months, but can appear in relevant search results forever. Take your time and create quality content.  

Action Steps: 

  • Take high-resolution photos of your products from multiple angles.
  • Showcase them in action shots and lifestyle settings.
  • Consider creating eye-catching infographics highlighting product features or benefits.
  • Stay on brand but consider that studies show the following successful in boosting clicks: the color red, a face, easy-to-read text overlay.
  • Find lots of easy-to-use Pinterest templates on Canva.com.

Rule #2 Keywords are Key

Just like SEO for your website, keyword research is crucial for Pinterest. 

Action Steps: 

  • Use free keyword research tools like Google Trends or Pinterest Trends to identify what people are searching for related to your products. 
  • Naturally weave these relevant keywords into your pin descriptions, but prioritize readability – avoid keyword stuffing!
pinterest trends
Example Pinterest Trends: Home Spa Days

Rule #3: Optimize Your Boards 

Organize your pins into strategic boards that cater to different customer interests. This makes your content easy to find and ultra-helpful for pinners. 

Action Steps: 

  • Create boards that target various buying stages. For example, have a board for “Gift Ideas” and another for “Must-Have Summer Styles.”
  • Build more boards based on the ‘lifestyle’ your customer strives to live. For example, have a board for “Kitchen Goals” and another for “Coffee Corner”.
pinterest for ecommerce brands
Example Board Curation

Rule #4: Join the Party

Engage with other Pinners! But don’t just blindly like and comment. 

Action Steps: 

  • Find relevant boards and pins related to your niche.
  • Leave thoughtful comments and genuine likes to build relationships and get your content seen by new audiences.

Rule #5: Schedule Savvy

Don’t just pin and pray. Use a scheduling tool like Tailwind to strategically publish your pins at optimal times when engagement is high. This app is a total game changer and truly my reliable source for boosting traffic immediately.  

Action Steps: 

  • Research peak pinning times for your target audience and schedule your pins accordingly.
  • Create Loops to recycle your pins on autopilot.
Example of a Tailwind Schedule

Rule #6: Collaborate and Conquer 

Partner with influencers or complementary brands in your niche for group boards or co-created pins. This expands your reach and taps into new audiences. 

Action Steps: 

  • Identify relevant influencers or brands – think businesses that complement your products but don’t directly compete. Reach out and propose a collaboration on a group board or co-created pin.
  • Tailwind also has a Communities feature that brings like-minded Pinners together to share pins.

Rule #7: Track your Results

Use Pinterest analytics to see what’s working and what’s not. This data is your friend, helping you refine your strategy for maximum traffic generation.

Action Step:

  • Familiarize yourself with Pinterest analytics. See which pins are getting the most clicks and replicate those winning strategies.

Bonus: Use ChaptGPT to Power Boost Your Pinterest for Ecommerce Growth

I love a good expert shortcut. Here’s one I found helpful from Small Business Coach Francis and Betsy on using ChatGPT to grow on Pinterest:

By following these Pinterest power moves, you can turn this platform into a traffic machine for your ecommerce store. Remember, it’s about quality, consistency, and engaging with your audience. So, put on your pinning hat, embrace the visual storytelling magic, and watch your website traffic soar!


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