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The Importance of Customer Email Notifications in Building Customer Relationships

Attracting new customers is only the first step in building a successful online business. Once you’ve convinced a potential customer to make a purchase, it’s essential to keep them engaged and build a long-term relationship with them. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by using customer email.

What is an Email Notification?

An email notification is an automated email that’s triggered when a customer takes a specific action with your brand. These emails contain information about the transaction the customer has taken, such as a purchase confirmation, shipping confirmation, or password reset.

These emails are unique in that they are sent to individual customers based on their specific actions, rather than being sent to a mass audience. This personalized approach can help build trust and create a positive customer experience.

Why are Email Notifications so Important?

They are essential to building customer relationships and maintaining your brand image at scale. Customers today expect businesses to stay in touch with them throughout the entire sales cycle, from adding items to their cart to receiving their shipment.

Studies show that 98% of consumers receive transactional messages every day and spend between 15 to 20 seconds reading them. For 64%, they are the most important type of email. With open rates hovering between 40% and 50%, and click-through rates upward of 10%, transactional emails provide the perfect opportunity to make more sales and improve customer happiness.

How to Optimize Your Emails

To make the most of your transactional emails, it’s crucial to optimize them for maximum impact. Here are some tips for creating effective transactional emails:

  1. Make it Personal: Use the customer’s name and any other relevant information to create a personalized email.
  2. Keep it Simple: Use a simple, clean design and avoid cluttering the email with too much information.
  3. Add Value: Provide helpful information or suggest related products that the customer may be interested in.
  4. Encourage Action: Include calls to action that encourage the customer to take further action, such as leaving a review or following your social media accounts.
  5. Test and Analyze: Monitor the performance of your emails and make adjustments as needed to improve their effectiveness.

Need to Find Your Emails?

Once your logged in to Shopify, you can find your transactional emails under Settings > Notifications. You’ll see a list of all possible email notifications that can be triggered. Some can be turned off, but I always recommend leaving most of them on.

Customer email notifications are an essential tool for tapping into valuable opportunities to grow your business. Remember to keep your transactional emails simple, add value, and monitor their performance to continually improve your results.


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